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    Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
    8:28 pm
    [OOC] Kit Rodriguez Biography
    Kit is 15 years old (born in August, 2019, so he's 4 months younger than Nita) and has been a practicing wizard for 2 and a half years. He lives with his parents (his father works as a printer at a newspaper, and his mother is a nurse) and his older sister, Carmela. He has a second older sister, Helena, who is away at college. Kit met Nita when she discovered him working spells because the trees told her some human was messing with their leaf art. They had a joint Ordeal to return the Book of Night with Moon, an important artifact, from an alternate Manhattan. Kit accompanied Nita on several other of her missions, and her talking to her parents about wizardry meant that he had to do so as well. His parents and Carmela took it reasonably well; Helena at first thought he was in league with the Devil, then decided he was a comic-book mutant. Yes, this happens.

    Kit and Nita had a fight over a working to clear up the sewage leaking into Long Island Sound shortly before Nita’s mom was diagnosed with cancer, and Nita was cramming spell knowledge into her head. Kit meanwhile had another problem. Wizards’ pets tend to be weirder than normal, and he had discovered his dog, Ponch, had a set of unusual talents. He could go anywhere to find anything, with the possibility he was creating pocket dimensions. (The first one was the Land of Squirrels, because Ponch is a dog and wanted a place where he could chase squirrels forever without hurting them or getting into trouble.) Kit used this to get inside a dimension mapped to Nita’s mom’s body to bail Nita out while she worked her spell.

    While Nita was on bereavement leave, Kit was tapped by the local advisory wizards to investigate Darryl McAllister, a wizard whose Ordeal was going on longer than expected. Kit had discovered that Darryl had built a mental construct as a trap for the Lone Power, and was going to stay inside his own mind to keep the Lone One there… and the construct had trapped Kit and Ponch as well. Nita’s own visionary talent and research allowed her to break them out, and they came up with a compromise based on Darryl’s unusual skillset that freed Darryl, while keeping that part of the Lone Power bound. At the same time, Kit’s skill with mechanical things regarding wizardry had accidentally lead to hooking up the Rodriguez household with cable and internet that could access interstellar channels. Carmela had both started to chat with aliens and had ordered hand weapons from shopping channels.

    Kit had gotten permission for himself and Ponch to come along on the exchange trip Dairine signed Nita up for, and Ponch’s talents continue to be useful, if mysterious.
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